IFCLA meets tech hub Barcelona – the 2021 Online Conference

Sep 30 - Oct 1


President Belén Arribas and the board of directors of IFCLA are pleased to invite you to join over 30 international speakers and 250 leading lawyers, legal and industry professionals from around the world, at the IFCLA Conference hosted online by the Barcelona BAR Association (ICAB).

It's one of the most important digital and IT conferences that take place once every 2 years since 1988. It is an opportunity to exchange on very specific topics and a great opportunity for networking.

IT Law evolves rapidly to adapt to the new scenarios resulting from the industrial revolution in which technology plays a leading role. Its practice requires extensive technological knowledge and superior technical-legal qualifications from the legal professional. In this context, sharing knowledge and experiences among professionals from different countries is the way to be prepared to effectively face the challenges.

Trans-border commerce and current challenges ( from Brexit to IoT privacy related issues, as well as data transfers in and out of China and other Asian countries); the latest developments of the Cybersecurity Industry, e.g. its impact on trade secrets; Blockchain applications and use cases in various industries and related EU initiatives; as well as Ethics, Governance and Legal implications including IP Protection in Artificial Intelligence are some of the cutting-edge topics in the next IFCLA conference.

Due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the 2021 edition will be held online.



Online Participation fee: 80€

In collaboration with the Barcelona Bar Association - Il·lustre Col·legi de l’Advocacia de Barcelona (ICAB).