#IFCLA 2024 – Draft Program – Update 10 June 2024

Join us at IFCLA on June 13 and 14 in Amsterdam!

Venue:  Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam

Dates:  Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June 2024

“Green, digital, and bright: how to be resilient in a fast-changing world”

is this year’s theme conference.

Join us at the IFCLA Congress on June 13 and 14 for vibrant discussions!

Tickets are currently available for purchase at a price of €550. We look forward to your attendance!

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Program Committee - 2024 AMSTERDAM

The international program committee of the IFCLA 2024 Conference in Amsterdam consists of:

Sebastian Louven (Germany); Belen Arribas (Spain); Dr. Anselm Brandi-Dohrn (Germany); Marina Yastreboff (Australia); Anna Haapanen (Finland); Anni-Maria Taka (Finland); Monika Menz (Germany);  Claire Bernier (France); Dai Davis (UK); Lars Leemeijer (the Netherlands); Victor de Pous (the Netherlands);

Head program committee IFCLA 2024: Juliette van Balen (the Netherlands)


WELCOME @ IFCLA 2024, Amsterdam

Dear IFCLA Conference Participant,

We are very excited about the upcoming IFCLA 2024 Amsterdam Conference, the International Federation of Computer Law Associations and Advocates.

Looking forward to the next upcoming years, we realise that our world as we have known it changes fast, due to “digitalization” and “data driven” solutions, our metier "computer law" changes fast. Also our (legal) skills needed change and we feel that power skilss plays a key role to remain or become the trusted advisor the world around us needs. The legal landscape changes already and it will even need more digital transformation in order to facilitate a more sustainable world. We feel that our knowledge, which we share as experts and professionals in our field, contributes to the world to make it a better place. Knowledge about sustainable goals, and sharing that knowledge and power skills will shape our future professionals to be resilient in this fast-changing world.

Please feel welcome and join us on our adventure; We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!

On behalf of IFCLA,

Belén Arribas President IFCLA - Founding Partner of Belen Arribas Sanchez

Juliette van Balen Vice President IFCLA,  Linkedin

On behalf of the  Dutch IT Law Associations,



Logistic information:


Thursday, June 13th – Friday June 14th Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam
Thursday On Thursday, the conference registration starts at 9:00 am

Please arrive in time for the registration.

The conference program starts at 9:30 am sharp. The conference ends Thursday around  5 pm.

Friday On Friday morning,  the first session starts at 10:00, which leaves enough time for Breakfast Speed dates.

Please arrive in time for the first session at 10:00 am.

The conference ends Friday around 17:00 pm.



  IFCLA is on LinkedIn!

Let the world know you are attending the IFCLA 2024 Conference; link to the event page and follow up on LinkedIn with the connections you made or with the speakers by sharing key takeaways and learnings from your meetings and sessions.

During the conference, we will actively share information online.


IFCLA Conference 2024 Networking Events

Please join us at the Welcome Drinks! Rooftop terrace! Our friends at Brinkhof are delighted to invite you at their offices for the Welcome Drinks party.

12 June 2022,

5 pm onwards

IFCLA Welcome Drinks

at Brinkhof

Brinkhof, Amsterdam
  Before the conference, on June 12th, we will gather together at Brinkhof for snacks, drinks and a warm welcome to you all in Amsterdam.  


13 June 2022,

7:30 pm onwards

IFCLA Dinner

The dress code is smart casual.

Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam
  For those who have registered for IFCLA's  Dinner, we gather at Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam.  


14 June 2024,

17:00 pm onwards

IFCLA Closing Reception


Room Mate Aitana, Amsterdam
  Stay a little bit longer! After the conference, on June 14th, we will gather together for drinks and already looking forward to next years Conference 2025 on June 12 and 13. We envision Madrid! But before that, let's explore Amsterdam some more as a real tourist by bike!  
WEDNESDAY, 12 JUNE 2024 - Welcome Reception
17:00 IFCLA Welcome Reception

Before the conference, on June 12th, we will gather together at Brinkhof from 5 pm onwards for drinks and a warm welcome to you in Amsterdam. Looking forward!

12 June 2024, 5 pm onwards | Brinkhof, Amsterdam
THURSDAY, 13 JUNE 2024 - DAY 1
  Keynote sessions

Europe in the digital age: how to be bright and resilient?

Speakers Host of the panel:
9:00 – 9:30 Registration open and coffee


Chairman of the morning:
9:30 Opening and welcome Juliette van Balen (IFCLA)


9:35 Opening of IFCLA 2024




9:40 Welcome speech and keynote



Menno Weij (NVvIR)


10:00 The collusion and merger of supervision on data, competition and privacy

What about supervision and the collusion of all new acts? Pay or not ok? The Meta Verdict and consequences for the legislation under the EU digital package.


Quinten Kroes (Brinkhof, Amsterdam), Paul Kreijger, IPMC.nl, Amsterdam)
10:45 Data Act, IoT and Cyber Resilience

How do these subjects intertwine?

In this session we will deep dive into how to deal with data spaces, what is a data space, standard contractual clauses on what, and what about data governance? And of course, we are then talking about the Internet of Things and the last thing not to forget in that perspective are the obligations set forth in the Cyber Resilience Act.

So what about “smart”?


Anna Haapanen (Helsinki);

Monika Menz (Berlin)



11:45 AI comparative session    
  AI: how far behind is the law?

The concept and nature of artificial intelligence. Possibilities, realities, limitations.


Ismo Kallioniemi (Helsinki)

Mr. Alesch Staehelin (Zurich)

Dai Davis (UK)


  Europe and the rest of the world – developments throughout the world re. AI

Think overseas: Canada, or just across the Channel: UK. Things are really different! This will be a comparative review with a focus on the EU AI regulation vs Canadian AI regulation.


John Beardwood (Canada),

Robert Bond (UK)


13:00 LUNCHBREAK    
 14:00 Exotics: What everyone should know about bitcoins, a regulated market and why this is different then the digital euro. Think Fintech /bitcoins; MICA, TFR and DORA - What is on the horizon for crypto sector in the EU?

The crypto sector has the interest from all kinds of stakeholders - traders, service providers and authorities - reaching its peak levels. With the EU taking action by introducing multiple legal frameworks relevant for this sector, we will discuss key take-aways, challenges and opportunities presented for current and future participants. What lies ahead for the near future?


Levent Aslan (Amsterdam and Turkey)  
14:30 How public sector and markets must (or should?) cooperate in cyber security

What about National Security? Can we trust each other?

Short introduction for everyone to the security theme workshop .

Claire Bernier (Adsto, France) ,Teun Burgers,(Brinkhof, Netherlands)






  Theme: Variety Speakers Theme: Security Speakers
  Chairman Afternoon: Sebastian Louven (IFCLA)


  Chairman Afternoon: Lars Leemeijer (NVvIR)  
15:15 What is Software: a basic question but a complex answer?

"What is software - a fundamental but not trifle question (German Supreme Ct. "Action Replay")"


Dr. Anselm Brandi-Dohrn (Berlin)

Dai Davis (UK)

Obligations to keep each other safe and secure (NIS2, DORA)


Teun Burgers (Amsterdam),





Help?! You have been attacked and hacked


Real life role play – interactive management game: how and what to manage while under cyber attack?


Claire Bernier (Paris),

Dave van Stein, (Amsterdam)

16:00 What about real life? Working and navigating together in the complex world of exchanging utilities, being either data, energy or water. The vital infrastructure of life and business.


Astrid Sixma and Sabina Kloppers (Amsterdam)


17:00 DRINKS  


18:00 BOAT TRIP (with bier en bitterballen)
THURSDAY, 13 JUNE 2024 - IFCLA 2024 Dinner
19:30 - 22:00h IFCLA's DINNER
Venue: Room Mate Aitana - dress code: smart casual
During dinner we welcome 2 table hosts:

Jan Smits,

Patricia Shaw,

Jan and Trish will spice up the IFCLA dinner with some food for thoughts!

FRIDAY, 14 JUNE 2024 - DAY 2
  Keynote sessions

“Wild Ideas” how to be bright and resilient in digital space and in the digital era?

Speakers Host of the panel:
8:30 – 9:45 Breakfast and IFCLA board meeting


9:00 – 9:45 Breakfast speed dates: we will link you! Join breakfast and become friends forever!  
    Chairman of the morning:
9:30 Registration open and coffee


10:00 Opening and welcome

What about ‘wild ideas’? Some thoughts upfront


Mark Jansen (VIRA)
10:30 It’s all about that data’ – The ACM as data coordinator – supervision in a new way, working together and what about real behaviour?


Autoriteit Consument en Markt  
11:00 Public values in the digital space

This contribution explores decentralisation as a fundamental design parameter for a public digital infrastructure, offering an alternative approach to address the challenges online. The central argument is that the choice of decentralised digital technologies should not be viewed solely as a market principle but as a fundamental design choice that reflects the values of a society. And therefore it should be part of the public debate and policy making.


Tina van der Linden (VU, Netherlands) and Arno Laeven (Netherlands)




11:45 Data Act and Compliance by design?

How do we make sure that data really gets used, and in a compliant way? What is compliant and can or should we automate compliance processes with smart contracts, would that be the only way to be compliant to all applicable rules and regulations that apply to the data gathered in data spaces and used for either good or other?



Isabelle GAVANON (France)



Juliette van Balen (Nl)
12:15 Already well thought of compliance instruments

Which instruments are out there and can or should be used? Think Codes of Conduct and Certification schemes. And what about AI? Could or should AI help us to be or become compliant?


Robert Bond (UK),

Selin Ozbek Cittone (UK and Turkey)




14:00 What to expect from or in Brussels?

Be prepared and don't be so surprised. The Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs will explain...

 Dutch Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate
14:15 What is Corporate Responsibility and how does sustainable AI relate?

Will the European Digital Identity (eIDAS Regulation) be of any help in this context? Or will it just make things worse?

Think security, think data protection, think ethics. How sustainable is AI in this respect? Link to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive


Patricia Shaw (UK);

Montserrat Guardia Güell (Ideaded, Spain)

[Belen Arribas, Spain]




  Theme: Counsel of the future Speakers Theme: Sustainability Speakers
  Chairman afternoon: Soraya Titalay (NOS, Netherlands)   Chairman afternoon: Britt Peters, (Tiqets, Netherlands)
AI Compliance professional?


Who is or wants to be the AI compliance officer?

What is it about?

Is the DPO already fulfilling this role, or should the DPO be willing to fulfil this role?

Do legal skills come in as handy, or are these outdated too?

Step into the future, what are the basic skills all professionals in legal and compliance should have when it comes down to dealing with AI in practise and daily business life.


Tina van der Linden (VU, Netherlands) Greenwashing?

All you need to know about sustainability claims. Knowlegde from practise!



Andrea van Sleen (KLM, Netherlands)
15:30 Serious LEGO workshop

How to deal with chaos and change? With this serious LEGO game, you will experience yourself what it feels like and learn the skills how to deal with this. Follow this workshop and you will feel better prepared In a fast changing world, you will become and feel resilient!

Dave van Stein (GRC consultant), Xebia, Netherlands) Workshop CSRD:

What about the  Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive? What is it about? What to do with it? Does it apply to your organisation? 

Implementing CSRD in practice, what do you do or should you do?

Think questionaires, stakeholder analysis, double materiality assessment and then in the end reporting. Does it all start with storytelling? Let's find out in this workshop.






Arne Mombers (Netherlands), Britt Peters (Tiqets, Nl)





16:45 Closing debate

Setting the IFCLA Conference 2025 Agenda for Madrid


Planned dates:

12 and 13 June 2025


  Artificial Intelligence and the law

An advance approach to cyber security regulation

Data privacy in a multidisciplinary perspective

Energy, climate, and digital law and policy

The future of Legal Tech today



17:00 Closing remarks    
17:15 DRINKS    
FRIDAY, 14 JUNE 2024 - IFCLA 2024 Closing Reception
17:00h IFCLA Closing Reception - Room Mate Aitana

Closing Remarks 

 17:15 DRINKS



Participation Fees

• Standard participation fee: 550 euro regular

• Dinner: 99,50 euro

Cancellation policy for conference attendance:
Participation and dinner fees are refunded only if cancellation takes place before May 15


Member associations - 10% discount

IFCLA was founded by computer law associations and we embrace all other member associations who advocate the area's of law and tech that unites us. Please feel welcome and join our IFCLA events. With your contribution, we are able to cross over bridges and share knowlegde. Joining means: a seat in the future Program Committee, visibility online for your association and a 10% discount to the IFCLA conference fees for your individual members. Interested? Please contact us via email.


Sponsorship opportunities

Gold Partner: 3000 euro, including 2 attendees to the conference, prominent visibility online (LinkedIn), during the conference and event (tags and merchandise) as well during dinner (as a table host)

Silver Partner: 1500 euro including 1 attendee to the conference (prominent visibility online (LinkedIn), during the conference and event (tags and merchandise)

Please contact us via email for sponsor opportunities.


Hotel information for IFCLA conference participants' direct booking

The conference will be held at Room Mate Aitana
• IJDok 6, 1013 MM Amsterdam

Please book individually. Contact us via email to get the IFCLA discount!



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